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SONY DSC She’s Fast But She’s Not Cheap

Coming around the last aisle with my two items I pass a woman in her fifties holding up three potatoes yelling at the young gentleman at the customer service desk, insisting that the amount of her items surely grants her the right to check out in the area where you purchase money orders and cigarettes. Not where you purchase potatoes. When the gentleman politely declines that he can’t ring up her purchase, she heads back to the line of five people holding her potatoes above her head making two pounds look heavy and inconvenient.
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DSCN0156 Chillies on the Trees

When one pair of striding legs was in my rearview, there soon appeared a new set of tight spandex legs under fluorescent colored shorts. There were people jogging alone, females in packs rhythmically bouncing, subtlety trying to beat one another. Teams of young school children, stretching the streets of back roads pacing feet from one another, families, dogs, and even women hurrying in step with each other, not really running, but moving how I would assume seventy-year-old women would run.  Colorado was running and I was driving, eating, and abusing the comfort of my seated vehicle.
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photo(90) Ode To a Friend

My best friend Amanda rang me on July first the summer of 2012 to tell me that our friend from high school had been dead for almost twenty-four hours.  I listen to her simultaneously sob and inhale a cigarette as she tried to ease the stress of delivering such horrible news. It’s dinner time and my stomach is vulnerably empty.
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