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What is your story about? No seriously what is your story about?   
Not just what the words say or what the title is, but what is the bigger picture?  Is the story about self identity, racism, humanity? I guess you could call it a theme but every tale has one and if easily identified, allows for the reader to actively participate in the story.
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Shreading Land

Home sweet Home 083
I teamed up with a company called Anonymous Longboards out of Fort Collins Colorado in order to combine my hobby of painting with my love for going fast and riding long-boards. I love the individualism that this company offers. They hand make all their boards and support local artistry. They usually focus on one artist a month to offer a unique and one of a kind board. My month is coming up so if you are looking to purchase a longboard, bamboo, and unique to the world check out their website.
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No More Pinching


Bar Etiquette is something that I assumed was unanimously understood and followed by anyone who expects to be drinking in public. The unspoken rules of drinking at a bar, as I like to call it common sense, is something that apparently is not so common or sensible since I started working in the service industry. I call it the PINCH. Nobody likes to get pinched, the quick and annoying pain of your skin being squeezed together as your body fights the urge to burst. It’s involuntary, and it’s initiated by someone else hurting you against your insistence that they don’t. The bar theory is relatively the same- painful, annoying and childish.
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