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This project took over a year, which in retrospect shouldn’t have taken 365 days. Darn responsibility takes over your creative time and then your projects take a year to complete.

I teamed up with a company called Anonymous Longboards out of Fort Collins Colorado in order to combine my hobby of painting with my love for going fast and riding long-boards. I love the individualism that this company offers. They hand make all their boards and support local artistry. They usually focus on one artist a month to offer a unique and one of a kind board. My month is coming up so if you are looking to purchase a longboard, bamboo, and unique to the world check out their website.

I sanded my own board after scratching the underside so badly and after recreating and designing my own board, I found Anonymous and was able to design the above bamboo board. It’s up for sale and you can customize the wheels barrings and grip.

I’ve been riding for about six years now. A hobby that distracts me from my love of books, but gets me out of the house and off my ass. I love to go fast and the freedom of flying down a hill and feeling the wind is an experience in itself. I guess that’s what life is about, the feel and the experience.


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